ALauncher Bridge

ALauncher Bridge

To see the Google Now Feed on the left, and make full use of At A Glance, installing the Companion Bridge is necessary. This is due to restrictions set by Google.

Installation instructions
1. Go to this LINK
2. Under assets, click on "companion-bridge-debug.apk"
3. Let your phone download the file
4. Install the file as an application
5. Go into the settings of the launcher
6. ALauncher - Enable the "Display Google app" option

7. Go into your phone's security settings
8. Disable "installation from unknown sources" if you enabled it for the installation

Why do I need this?

The technical details for why this additional app is necessary are interesting. The Google App creates and shows the Google Now Feed used by launchers. Launchers can request the feed to show up and then the Google App acknowledges this request. Unfortunately, it only does this for system apps and debug apps. System apps require root to install, and debug apps are not allowed to be published on the Play Store. Therefore sideloading is the only solution. Previously my launcher took care of this on its own, but this got it banned from the Play Store by Google. Everything has been moved to this website since then, to prevent another suspension.

Help, I am getting an error!

Some people, like Pixel and Nokia users, might not be able to install this. They will get an "App not installed" error. This happens because these people have the real Pixel Launcher installed as a system app. The Pixel Launcher conflicts with my Companion Bridge, and cannot be installed at the same time. Make sure all third party Pixel Launchers are removed from your device before trying to install the Companion Bridge.