Build microstartups and open source projects to make a small difference


Visa List

Find all the countries you can visit on your passport and know the visa requirements


Get live programming help from expert Developers from around the world

ACrypto: Cryptocurrency Tracker

Simple cryptocurrency Price, Arbitrage, News, Alerts and Portfolio Tracker

AnExplorer: All-in-one file manager

Simple All-in-one file manager for phone, tablets, watches, chromebook and TV


Simple launcher with app lock, google feed, themes for phones, tablets and TV
Elegant watch face for wear os watches and screensaver for phones, tablets and TV


Volley Plus

Android library with improvements to Volley along with full image caching.


Android library which can be used for creating wizards very easily. It's based of Roman Nurik's wizard pager.


AStickyHeader is an android library for adding Sticky Headers to ListView or GridView. Usage is very simple, it supports all kinds of Adapters.
Another Taxer android app helps you calculate tax with ease.